Thursday, October 31, 2013

Collaboration At Its Best!

Brandon and Max did an outstanding job in math today!  Not only did they successfully complete the task but they supported each other along the way.

They are Riverside Action Heroes! 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Letter Sounds!

Mrs. Mushtare, our Speech Pathologist, will do just about anything to help students learn the sounds letters make. 
Check out her glasses! And what is on her head? :-)

Friday, October 11, 2013


No school on Monday, October 14!
11:40 dismissal on Thursday, October 24th!
No school on Friday, October 25th!

Please plan accordingly.

Open House 2013

Thank you for celebrating with us!

Open House 2013

Thank you for celebrating with us!

Fire Drills

We have to conduct eight fire drills in the fall and four in the spring.  Today we did our sixth drill.  In an effort to make sure everyone is outside, as the students line up on the lawn the teacher holds up one colored card.  A green card means everyone that is suppose to be with them is with them - yellow means they have an extra student or staff member - red means someone is missing.  This system allows me to account for every student and staff member within two minutes.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Reading - Moving - Responding - Making!

Our beautiful RS students have been very busy today!  Thanks to the creative planning of our teachers, students were immersed in literature - they were moving - they were offering thoughtful responses  - and they were doing hands on follow up activities!  

And folks, the vocabulary that these children are using - in context - is amazing!

Take a peek....

Mrs. Saggese's class is learning about the five senses. When I asked a child what they were learning about his response included words like,"sound waves" and "vibrations"!

Literature circles allow students to read books at their grade level. The focus is comprehension and the questions that follow challenge students to make connections and think beyond the text.

In Miss Novellano's math class student were using the terms, "equations" and  "number sentences" flawlessly when responding to questions.  

 In Mr. Lane's classroom, the 4th grade students were responding/reflecting/writing about the Iroquois Confederacy.

Mrs. Saggese's class was getting the wiggles out while singing and rhyming!

Check out the vocabulary in the Listening and Learning strand! Students are using the words appropriately!  


Apples - apples - apples!

Math their way in Mr. W's class.

  Using a hands on approach - Mrs. Ferrara helps our students with initial sound fluency!