Thursday, February 28, 2013

Healthy Snacks!

Today, a representative from Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club came in to teacher students about making healthy choices. During the presentation students got their hands messy making a healthy snack!  Each class spent 30 minutes "in the kitchen."  At the end, everyone enjoyed delicious - student made - smoothies.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Mixture of Highlights!

 Students practice spelling words on their paddle whiteboards and then are 
challenged with putting the word in a complete sentence.  

Journal writing!  Student apply focus words and curriculum topics into a strong journal entry.  

We love our volunteers! Students practice their word rings with Mrs. Ashe.

Sara solves a math problem on the whiteboard for her class.

Practicing our reading!  The first reading is done by Mr. Neer.  He models fluency and expression. 
The students chorally reread the passage using the same approach.

Students helping students!  That is the Riverside way!

Interpreting text while in small groups.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A 2nd Grade Caldecott Party!

Second grade students from Greater Plains, Valley View, and Riverside gathered for a Caldecott party.  In preparation for today, students learned about what it means for a book to win a Caldecott Award and they read many award winners!  All second grade students then discussed recently nominated Caldecott contenders.  After reviewing several runner-ups, students in each building selected one book to be a "Mock Cadecott Award" winner.  

Today, the students met at Riverside Elementary to celebrate the "Mock Caldecott Award" winners.  Students rotated through five read aloud stations, where guest speakers took them on a literary journey.

Thank you Mrs. Iannello, Mrs. Stalder, and Mr. Parmerter for creating such a wonderful experience for our students!

Students in Mrs. Shephard's class rotate through small groups during our uninterrupted ELA block. Through thought provoking questions and predictions students dive deeply into the text.